Lightroll-Auto-Darkening Welding Glasses

Lightroll-Auto-Darkening Welding Glasses Posted: July 6, 2020

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Product Description

See clearly while welding with these goggles

Lightroll are the perfect light dimming goggles out there. Put them on the see perfectly while welding and never experience vision dullness again.

They are far more comfortable than any old helmet and offer the same protection. The tough glass is impact and flash resistant so you can work safely at all times.

Never dull out your vision again while welding. Lightroll make the view clear so you can work day and night without anything blocking your vision.

Why Lightroll are for you

For precise welding work- Lightroll darkens your vision just enough for you to see the welding perfectly. Dim all distracting lights for full focus.

Protect your vision- Keep your eyes safe from flashes and sparks. Lightroll is resistant to impact and UV rays so you can work without worry.

Forget the heavy helmet- The comfy eyewear is all the protection you need. Never put on a helmet again and work with full convenience.

Lightroll are the ultimate choice- Long welding with a helmet can get tiring. These glasses dim out even the brightest lights and protect your vision from anything.


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