LevelMaster – Multifunctional Level Ruler

LevelMaster – Multifunctional Level Ruler Posted: January 23, 2020

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Product Description

An Indispensable Tool For Any HandyMan!

How many times have you finished up with a project, one that took longer than you expected, and it’s all wonky because it was only slightly off? This will NEVER happen again with our level ruler!

Introducing LevelMaster our multifunctional level ruler that’ll give you perfect measurements every single time! Find the middle of any edge or surface so you can get perfectly accurate results!

So if you’re tired of putting all your effort and energy into a project only to have it come out good.. but not great.. then grab LevelMaster and make sure everything is lined up and squared away

This handy little gadget is small, compact, and saves one heck of a headache so grab one for yourself and grab one for a buddy too.. we all know at least one self proclaimed handy man

So if you’re looking for a way to get perfect measurements for your projects, or you’re just looking for a great gift idea, grab LevelMaster & ensure you turn your good projects, into GREAT ones!


Get A Perfect Measurement! – lightweight, compact, and easy to use this handy little gadget will save your hours of time and frustration by getting the correct measurements the first time!

No Power Tools No Problems! – not good with power tools? No need for this part of the project! Simply place LevelMaster over the object make sure its center by adjusting the bubble & presto!

Makes a Perfect Gift Idea – this handy dandy level ruler makes a great gift for any aspiring carpenter or self proclaimed handyman in your life.. Make their project easier, they’ll love you for it!

Our LevelMaster Guarantee – If for any reason you feel that this product isn’t for you, feel free to send us an email at our store address and we’ll promptly refund your money. No questions asked!

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