Lazyblanket- Quilted Blanket W/Hoody

Lazyblanket- Quilted Blanket W/Hoody Posted: November 6, 2020

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Product Description

The perfect companion for being lazy at home

Winter is coming and with it the need to stay warm and cozy when you are at home. Lazyblanket is a blanket you can put on like a snuggy, to keep you snuggled up day and night.

It’s super oversized, keeping your whole body covered no matter if you sit or lay. Fit your hands through the sleeves and use them freely while being covered in warmth.

Spending the long winter at home can be great when a snuggy companion is covering you from top to bottom. Lazy around in perfect comfort with Lazyblanket around you!

Why Lazyblanket is for you

Better than the covers- Lazyblanket keeps you warm as if you are laying beneath the covers while giving you ample freedom to use your hands outside it.

You won’t put it off- It’s so cozy inside it you won’t take it off until the summer comes. You can lazy around in it day and night.

Anything is now a bed- When you are snuggled inside Lazlyblan every piece of furniture in the house becomes a comfy place to sleep in.

Lazyblanket is the ultimate choice- Why stand under the warm cover when you can bring it with you and wear it like a snuggy? If you are planning on sitting this season at home, then Lazyblanket is your best choice!

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