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Our Guarantee – If for any reason you feel that this product isn’t for you, feel free to send us an email at our store address and we’ll promptly refund your money. No questions asked!

Bring the Party, Be the Party with LaserPal

If you’re a DJ with some killer tunes you need some killer lights to go with it… LaserPals got your back bro! Turn grannies basement into the party of the year!

16 LED laser patterns consisting of green, red, and blue will melt your brain and dazzle your senses as they set the mood for any party or occasion

LaserPal draws your guests to the dance floor by blasting their eyes with laser beam awesomeness! Fully stocked with tons of special effects there’s something for everyone!

Adjust the light show to your every specification with an immersive LCD display. Turn out the lights, turn up the music, and get the party poppin’ with Laserpal!

The success of the party is up to you.. you’re the man.. don’t blow it with some cheap knockoff bullcrap. Call up LaserPal, get the goods, and get the party started!


16 Laser Patterns – over a dozen dancing laser bream patterns consisting of red, blue, and green that will get you dancing every time

LCD Display – adjust your laser experience to fit your mood or music in any situation with the user-friendly LCD display

Special Effects – LaserPal comes fully stocked with tons of special effects that are sure to get your guests of all ages to the dance floor

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