KitKamp-Cat Sleeping Bag

KitKamp-Cat Sleeping Bag Posted: December 28, 2020

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Product Description

Your cat’s favorite place to nap

We all love napping under the covers of our beds and with KitKamp your feline friend can too experience that joy! Made like a pillow, it’s an entire bedroom only for your cat!

KitKamp unzips into a cat-sized bed that has everything one needs to find solace. A small pillow, cozy covers and a soft underbelly in all in the suitable proportions for your furry friend.

Serving not only as a pristine bed, KitKamp is a perfect hiding place where your cat can always retreat to for some peace and quiet. Gift your pet a place that will satisfy all their sleeping needs!

Why KitKamp is for you

Tucked in love- KitKamp is a delightful place to have a nap or two. Tucked between the warm lamb wool covers your feline friend will find perfect solace!

The cat’s bedroom- Designed like a pillow, you can put it anywhere you wish. Just unzip it and your cat’s bed is all set up!

Hidden in the clouds- Your cat will always find comfy solitude between the soft fluffy covers, feeling safe and secure inside, it will rest easily!

KitKamp is the ultimate choice- Now your cat has also a place to go when it needs a relaxing nap, safe from the ruckus and protected from the cold!

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