K9cover-Dog Umbrella

K9cover-Dog Umbrella Posted: December 18, 2020

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Product Description

Your dog’s personal umbrella

Now your doggo too can stay dry and safe from the unsavory weather on your walks! K9cover is an intuitive leash that provides your pet with complete protection from the elements!

When it gets rainy, unfold the transparent cover and it will protect your little companion completely, shielding it from rain, snow, wind and always staying right above its body!

Now you don’t have to skip walks because of the bad weather! Under K9cover your doggo will stay dry and safe so you never have to worry about it’s well being in the harsh conditions!

Why K9cover is for you

Completely protected- The walks out in unsavory weather are so much enjoyable for your furry friend when they too carry an umbrella!

Always a good time for a walk- K9cover ensures your dog will always stay dry, clean and happy at any time you need to go for a walk!

Always above-The leash is as comfortable to hold as convenient for your pet! As you hold it, the umbrella hoovers right above your companion!

K9cover is the ultimate choice- Treat your little pet with an umbrella just for them and they will always be up for a walk in the storm!

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