JumpMe- Oversized Knit Jumpsuit Posted: April 5, 2021

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Product Description

Your new favorite jumpsuit

Take a time machine back to the 60s when clothes fit everyone! JumpMe gives you freedom, comfort and infinite options to pair it up with your favorite clothes!

JumpMe is oversized, meaning it looks great on everyone. The bottom sleeves are easy to cut. Find the preferred length for your legs and take advantage of the pockets on the sides.

JumpMe brings retro vibes and freeing comfort for you to enjoy yourself at home, outside or both. Get creative and mix it up with your wardrobe to find what style fits you the most!

Why JumpMe is for you

Fits just right- Free yourself of the tight nightmares, find full freedom inside JumpMe! Oversized is the way to go!

Never take it off- Casual or homey you can wear JumpMe wherever you go! It’s soo comfy you will want to live in forever!

Create your style- Make your own unique summer style by cutting off the edges or combining it with a tee, long sleeves or something else!

JumpMe is the ultimate choice- Let go of the limitations, choose a jumpsuit in which you’ll always find freedom, comfort and styling options!

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