Jackmor-Premium Leather House Shoes

Jackmor-Premium Leather House Shoes Posted: October 24, 2020

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Product Description

The gentleman’s home wear

If you’ve been searching for the best winter slipper, then stop right here! Jackmor are the perfect blend of cozy comfort and vintage style every gentleman would pick as their slipper for the winter!

Their plush lining makes them super soft and cozy. The clean leather outside is not only stylish but helps them retain the heat inside and resistant to water!

Jackmor are hand made by our experienced craftsmen who are able to fuse together vintage looks and today’s comfort in one perfect winter slipper made for every man!

Why Jackmor are for you

Winter’s pick- The warm fluff keeps your feet cozy inside while the thick leather retains the warmth. In Jackmor you’ll find only heat and comfort during the cold seasons!

Handcrafted with detail- Our craftsmen have spent years practicing in their art to now offer you a slipper, perfect in proportions and design.

Style, fused with comfort- Jackmor combines the vintage look every gentleman loves with the modern comfort you can expect from today’s slippers.

Jackmor are the ultimate choice- Comfy, cozy and stylish, Jackmor is the preferred slipper for men who enjoy feeling style even at home.

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