Izi-can-Drink Opener

Izi-can-Drink Opener Posted: August 8, 2020

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Product Description

Open up the can like an open glass

Izi-can is the best can opener you’ve yet to try! It opens the whole top of the can for you to enjoy the full flavor and even add to it. The summer just became far more cooler!

You can forget about sharp edges and unreliable openers, with Izi-can there is no risk of cutting yourself. Easy and consistent can opening is guaranteed for years to come!

Izi-can opens cans from all types so you can enjoy fully whatever beverage you want! Opening up the lid creates a whole new experience and opportunity to make your drink even better!

Why Izi-can is for you

Like drinking from a cup- By fully removing the top there are no sharp edges to worry about. Chug down your beverage far more easily.

Works for every can- Beer, soda, energy drink. Izi-can opens up whatever you need! Its universal design makes it the go-to can opener.

Enhance the flavor- Mix your drink or pour some ice to get the best flavor out of it. With the top open you can add to it whatever you want.

Izi-can is the ultimate choice- Ditch the unreliable can openers for a tool that withstands the test of time and opens cans with consistent flawlessness.

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