Ivyhook-Bluetooth Mobile Ear Piece

Ivyhook-Bluetooth Mobile Ear Piece Posted: May 30, 2021

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Product Description

Give your ears the best listening experience

Having an earplug in your ear all the time is not the only way to stay in touch! Ivyhook gives you a seamless way of connecting your ears to your devices without causing you discomfort!

You don’t need to clamp your ears ever again, Ivyhook’s ergonomic design wraps around comfortably around your ear, giving you all the benefits of an earphone minus the negatives!

You can easily take calls, listen to music and stay in touch without wires, discomfort, or noises getting in your way. Enjoy a better way of hearing, free your ears of plug forever!

Why Ivyhook is for you

Unshackle your senses- Free your ears from the uncomfy earplugs and annoying wires, stay connected to your phone without sacrificing your comfort!

Feel the beat- Enjoy the rich, cohesive hearing experience anytime you need to take a call or want to find solitude with your favorite music!

Sharpen your focus- Don’t let the external noises take away your focus, keep your surroundings muted to stay concentrated on your path!

Ivyhook is the ultimate choice- Spend your working and leisurely hours connected, comfortable and always in touch with your devices!

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