InstaBlitz -Hand held Personal Fruit Squeezer

InstaBlitz -Hand held Personal Fruit Squeezer Posted: September 22, 2021

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Product Description

Blend Fresh fruit Juices on the go

Get a lasting energy boost by drinking fresh and healthy fruit juices made with our powerful InstaBlitz. Its sharp blades slice through all types of fruits with ease so that you’re always left with smooth and sweet juice.

The InstaBlitz was built with your convenience in mind since it lets you juice almost anywhere and at any time! Plus, you can use its body as a cup so that you can enjoy your freshly blended drink in an instant.

Why InstaBlitz is for you

Powerful blending – Get your hands on the most refreshing and satisfying fruit juices without wasting too much of your precious time. With its powerful blending feature, the InstaBlitz produces tasty drinks within seconds!

Easy to use – There’s no need to master complicated contraptions when using the InstaBlitz. Simply fill it up with fruit, lock in the cup, and blend away!

Carry anywhere – Its compact size makes the InstaBlitz the perfect match for travellers who need their daily dose of fresh juices. Blend and juice while you’re on the go!

Long-lasting battery – One full charge of the InstaBlitz can produce up to 10 whopping cups of fruit juices before you need to recharge it again. This way, you can enjoy worry-free juicing even when you’re in remote locations.

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