Icesham-Kids Ice Block Game

Icesham-Kids Ice Block Game Posted: December 1, 2020

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Product Description

The game that gives kids the shivers 

Test your skills against one another in the ice field of Antarctica! The premise is simple, grab an ice pick and remove as many ice cubes as you can, the one who breaks the field loses.

Every game starts and ends differently, depending on your skills and luck. Icesham is easy to get into and never ceases to entertain because of its interactive gameplay.

Once you start playing the game will keep you on your toes from start to finish. With Icesham you never know who’s gonna win until the last second. Let’s see who will save the penguin!

Why Icesham is for you

Never gets reparative- Each match you take will be a unique challenge for you and your opponent! Every round is a thrill to play!

Antarctic adventure- Let’s see who will save the penguin from the freezing water! With patience and precision, you’ll come on top!

Thread carefully- The delicate field requires a steady hand to pick through the ice. Each round is a nail biter to the very end!

Icesham is the ultimate choice- Let’s see who has the nerves and luck to crack the most ice cubes without braking the field. Every game is a close one for sure!

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