Icehor-Polar Ice Cub Molds

Icehor-Polar Ice Cub Molds Posted: September 18, 2020

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Product Description

Let the north pole cool your drink

You’ve never seen, ice cubes such as these! Icehor enhances the boring drinks with the north pole’s freshness by creating the coolest ice mold designs you’ve seen!

Icehor creates floating polar animals surfing on an ice block to bring the winter vibe into your drink! Enjoy a fresh beverage for hours, the big ice cube lasts for long.

The last thing a summer party needs are some polar coolness! Prepare yourself for the summer with the coolest molds out there, Icehor will bring the full flavor!

Why Icehor is for you

Bring a polar flavor- Enhance the flavor with polar animals surfing on an ice block. No one will expect to find a polar bear in their drink!

Winter’s vibe- When penguins and polar bears start appearing you know the party is good! Add some winter coolness into your cup.

Hours of freshness- The molds are big enough to last hours cooling your drink. Enjoy watching the penguins float above your drink while the ice cools it off.

Icehor is the ultimate choice- No party is complete without a cool ice molds styling your drink. Icehor brings the winter’s freshness into the party!

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