HunyPet- Kids Animal Hoodie

HunyPet- Kids Animal Hoodie Posted: September 18, 2020

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Product Description

The cutest hoodies on the planet

HunyPet is every kid’s favorite fluffy toy! Inside it you’ll find a cozy oversized hoodie so your child can cuddle with their new best friend and stay warm in its fluffy embrace.

The comfy fabric is warm yet light enough not to hinder movement inside it. When it gets cold there is no need to get back home, just slip on HunyPet and playtime continues forever!

Surprise your kids with the fluffiest friend ever and they will never go out without warm clothing again! Now everyone will stay cozy and warm the fun way during the chilly weather.

Why HunyPet is for you

Wear your pet- Pick your favorite cuddly pet and inside you’ll find a matching hoodie. You are always prepared when HunyPet is on your back.

Comfy coziness- Soft, fluffy and super cozy, HunyPet is the ultimate winter hoodie. After you kids slip into it they won’t want to take it off!

The best blanket- HunyPet’s oversized, cuddly coolness makes for a great blanket when there are no beds nearby. The perfect wear of the chilly outdoors!

HunyPet is the ultimate choice- Our pack pet is here to keep your kids warm and cozy while they go on their outdoor adventures!

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