Hologoal-Holographic Glowing Reflective Soccerball

Hologoal-Holographic Glowing Reflective Soccerball Posted: May 28, 2020

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Product Description

This football lights up the field

Everybody’s watching when Hologoal is in the field. This genuine football reflects light and looks amazing during days and nights.

Every play you make will look awesome with it. The kids will go crazy playing with a luminous ball that never stops changing colors.

Kids adore it and others want to have it. Hologoal always gets the attention of the crowd. Go viral, bring out Hologoal, and start playing.

What makes Hologoal so good

The spotlight is on you- Get the attention every time when playing with Hologoal. The reflective football catches attention from a distance.

Genuine football for real matches– It’s not just for show. Play football with the team and highlight every play and pass you make.

For sporty viral content- The luminous ball looks incredible on video and photos. The Holographic look catches everyone’s attention.

Why Hologoal is right for you- If you want to be a star then play with Hologoal. Night or day, you will get noticed.

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