HelpRail-Non-Slip Safety Handrails

HelpRail-Non-Slip Safety Handrails Posted: July 6, 2021

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Product Description

Never fall in the bathroom again

Falling in the bathroom can lead to painful injuries especially for the elderly! HelpRail can give you a helping hand anywhere in the bathroom to ensure you’ll always keep your balance on the wet floor!

Once you lock it you can pull as hard as you want, HelpRail stays firm and keeps your balance no matter what! It stays in place under moisture and easily changes positions!

With a couple installed you ensure a safer, more comfortable experience for everyone in your family! Fall-proofing the bathroom will take a second to install and forever to enjoy!

Why HelpRail is for you

Never slip again- The wet floor is never safe to walk through, support your walks to the bathroom to avoid hurting yourself!

Stay on your feet- Losing your balance can lead to painful falls, give yourself an extra hand in the bathroom to stay firmly on your feet!

Secure the bathroom- Ensure no one in your family gets injured in the bathroom again, create a safer bathing experience for everybody!

HelpRail is the ultimate choice- A few handles are all it takes to guarantee no one will succumb to injuries in the bathroom ever again!

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