Harhol- Automatic Magnetic Nail Hammer

Harhol- Automatic Magnetic Nail Hammer Posted: August 30, 2020

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Product Description

The handyman’s favorite hammer

We have crafted the DIYer’s dream! Harhol is the most versatile hammer you will find, forged to handle any situation it’s the ultimate tool for heavy-duty work!

Every part of it is made to make work easier, precise nailing can be done with just one hand using the special opening at the top while the shock-proof handle will keep it steady under pressure.

The backside is made to remove nails quickly and to split in half anything using the two teeth. Harhol brings all the might you’ll need to hammer with power and precision!

Why Harhol is for you

Forged with power- The carbon steel head and shockproof handle make Harhol eternally superior to the weaker options.

One arm nailing- Place a nail in the compartment by the head and simply whack! You’ll nail with more precision and speed than any handyman,

Saves you from hard work- Harhol backside can pull anything in half to make heavy-duty DIY work easier as ever!

Harhol is the ultimate choice- Our hammer is forged to make any type of work go easily and smoothly! If you lack the muscle Harhol will give you the power!

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