Growbow- High Temperature Resistant Barbecue Bag

Growbow- High Temperature Resistant Barbecue Bag Posted: July 1, 2020

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Product Description

Grill smarter with this simple tool

This barbecue bag makes grilling small foods super easy. Growbow simplifies the grillwork while producing delicious evenly cooked treats.

Put the food in the bag and throw it on the grill. Growbow cooks the food inside without making a mess around the grill. You don’t have to worry about food slipping and sticking to the griller.

Cook smarter and better with this simple mesh bag. Growbow cleans easily and withstands all temperatures to help you become a true chef at the grill.

What makes Growbow so good

The best grilling experience- The food won’t stick to the grill when inside Growbow. The smaller foods won’t make a mess when packed tightly.

Grills food evenly every time- Growbow packs the food perfectly to cook everything evenly inside. Grill the meat just right with ease and consistency.

Serving you for a lifetime- The sturdy mesh resists the elements and cleans easily so you can always rely on it to grill the food with tender perfection.

Why Growbow is for you- This net makes grilling small foods simple and fun. Get the consistent crisp flavor consistently on all foods.

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