Groompal-Pet Grooming Comb

Groompal-Pet Grooming Comb Posted: July 9, 2021

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Product Description

Pet grooming made easy

Long-haired furs create lots of trouble for the owners and their pets! Groompal is the perfect grooming solution for owners who wish to keep their homes free from piles of fur!

The serrated bristles are not only super-efficient at catching excess hairs but also move through knots easily without causing pain to your buddy or stumbling your combs!

Unlike the plastic combs out there Groompal lets you comb through the thickest furs confidently, you won’t have to worry about breaking it! Give your pet a groomed look even the salon can’t achieve!

Why Groompal is for you

Save your furniture- Don’t let your pet’s excess ruin your furniture, groom your pet regularly to ensure your home will stay fur-free!

Painless untangles- Untangling the fur knots doesn’t need to be painful, Groompal’s serrated bristles move through the knots like butter!

Professional grooming- When it’s not relieving your pet of fur troubles, Groompal is great for grooming the fuzzy hairs into a neat dapper look!

Groompal is the ultimate choice- Free your buddy of its excess hairs and fur tangles in just a couple of minutes and you’ll never have to worry about the furniture again!

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