Greenval-Artificial Plant Balls

Greenval-Artificial Plant Balls Posted: May 15, 2021

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Product Description

The perfect green decor

Greenval is the perfect green decoration for homes and gardens lacking in color! Our greeny balls can fit with anything and keep their thick vivid look until the end of times!

Once you place them you don’t have to maintain them, the harsh weather and strong sun are no threat either! It’s an instant way of making your surroundings ever more greener!

If you are preparing an outdoor event or just seek casual decorations you’ll find both and many more uses of our round bushes! Make your home greener without putting in any work!

Why Greenval is for you

Instant greenery- Spread Greenval’s lovely look anywhere you wish, just put it on the ground or in a vase to green-up any place!

Always blooming- Unlike the natural bushes, Greengval doesn’t need any maintenance to keep its blooming look going!

Complete your atmosphere- Is your home lacking in colors, then bring a warmer vibe to the rooms with a bush that stays forever green!!

Greenval is the ultimate choice- Finish your home’s look with a wonderful ball of greenery that never loses its vividness!

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