Greenem-Fruit Exclusion Bag

Greenem-Fruit Exclusion Bag Posted: July 2, 2020

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Product Description

Secure the fruits and veggies from birds and pests

These baggies offer the perfect protection for produce. Light, breathable and sturdy you won’t have to worry about animals and pests damaging your foods ever again.

Made from degradable eco plastic, Greenem are the perfect solution for a safe garden. The baggies don’t go in the way of the growth and quality of the produce.

Greenem ensures your next harvest will be your best one yet. Put a baggy on all the produce during the growing seasons to save them for pests without using pesticides.

Why Greenem is for you

Unreachable to pests- Birds, animals and bugs won’t damage or eat your produce. The harsh weather won’t be a problem either.

Doesn’t hinder growth- The light biodegradable material provides perfect moisture and airflow access. Greenem are perfect for all growing seasons.

Produce first-class foods- Greenem ensures your fruits and veggies stay in perfect health and look so they can taste even better.

Greenem is the ultimate choice- There is a smart way to protect your produce from the pests out there. Secure them in Greenem and produce the best harvest yet.

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