GladMi-Flexibility Stretching Aid

GladMi-Flexibility Stretching Aid Posted: August 10, 2020

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Product Description

One band can make you stretch out like a pro athlete

We know how hard sports and exercises can be in you lack flexibility, that’s why we’ve created a resistance band that can stretch out your whole body for you to perform at your finest!

GladMi is suitable for all levels, when you feel you need to progress just use the next loop to feel the tension once more. It’s universally usage makes it perfect for all stretching exercises.

Having a flexible and stable body doesn’t require you to go through pain, not when GladMi can stretch you out! With everyday practice, you’ll learn the split in days!

Why GladMi is for you

Perform at the highest level- GladMi will help you reach your full range of motion no matter what sport you are practicing to make you the top performer!

Stretch the whole body- You can use it for every stretching exercises! The 11 loops prove you with different levels of stretching options.

Transform your physic- When you are flexible and stable everything becomes lighter! Working out and playing sports will get a lot easier!

GladMi is the ultimate choice- Nothing is impossible when you are flexible enough! You’ll stun everybody watching you do what no one can.

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