Gialami-Galaxy Star Projector

Gialami-Galaxy Star Projector Posted: September 6, 2020

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Product Description

Bring the vivid universe into your home

Gialami is a galaxy projector that creates unworldly experiences using immersive colors and sounds. Activating it is like traveling to another galaxy while chilling in your room.

Customize your experience by changing the colors, brightness and patters each time you turn it on. The built-in Bluetooth speakers will add to the ambiance of an even greater immersion!

The whole universe is stored in Gialami, you just need to bush a button! With a projector like every night will be an unforgettable journey to a different galaxy.

Why Gialami is for you

Unworldly projections- Gialami projects a sea of drifting stars against a floating nebula cloud. It set’s a limitless tone into your home!

Transcend time and space- When looking up you’ll lose yourself into the vast galaxy Gialami creates. Immersive relaxation awaits you!

Create your galactic experience- Everything you see from Galami is customizable! Every corner of the galaxy can be projected into your home!

Gialami is the ultimate choice- With a push of a button, you can transcend our world and immerse yourself into the galaxy’s wonders all from your room.

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