GemBox – Ore Christmas Advent Calendar

GemBox – Ore Christmas Advent Calendar Posted: October 8, 2021

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Product Description

‘Tis the Season for Dozens Of Surprises!

There’s no better way of counting down the days ’til Christmas than being rewarded with a precious gem each day. Our GemBox comes with specially curated gems that give you positive vibes, calmness, and some form of healing.

What makes things better is that you never know which gem you’ll get from the GemBox. Every day is a surprise, making it a fun activity for you and your loved ones to take part in on all 24 days of Advent.

Key Benefits

Educational activity – Not only is the GemBox a fun and interactive advent calendar, but it is also a great tool for educating kids and even adults! The dozens of gems that it comes with urges you to learn about each one, furthering your knowledge about gems and precious stones.

Beautiful gems – Every gem in the GemBox exudes beauty and their own unique qualities. In fact, they boast varying shapes and colors, giving you a collection of gems that you’ll never get tired of looking at.

Perfect gift – The GemBox is truly a fun gift for all! Whether you want to give it to a curious child or a gem-loving adult, you’re surely going to make them happy with the GemBox.

Versatile components – Once advent is over, you might be curious about how you’ll use all the gems you’ve collected. They’re great for filling up decorative bowls, lining up ledges, or decorating any part of your home.

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