Frenloo-Hawaiian Dog Shirt

Frenloo-Hawaiian Dog Shirt Posted: June 2, 2021

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Product Description

Ready your dog for the vacation

Coming in straight from Hawaii, our fresh tees bring tropical vibes with them! Cool, light and stretchy, Frenloo fits easily, stays comfortable and looks amazing on every furry friend!

Thanks to the lightweight cotton, the breezy shirt will keep your pup feeling and looking cool during walks on the beach, at pool parties or on walks on the sunny days.

Frenloo comes in sizes for every breed and stays on easily thanks to the button closure and short sleeves. Hit the beach with your dog looking fresher than ever!

Why Frenloo is for you

Ready for the beach- It doesn’t need to be Halloween to play dress-up with your dog, ready them up for the sunny days in a Hawaiian fashion!

An exotic getaway- Take your spirit far away from hustle and bustle, hop on an exotic mood with your furry companion no matter what’s the weather outside.

Touch the tropical- Make your moments with the pets all the more memorable, create memories together you’ll remember forever!

Frenloo is the ultimate choice- Fresh, flexible and charming, Frenloo is the perfect choice of clothing for your pet pal!

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