Foxyco-Fox Hoodie

Foxyco-Fox Hoodie Posted: September 18, 2020

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Product Description

Cosplay as your favorite animal

If you like foxes, then you’ll love being one when you put on this hoodie! Foxyco is a neat cosplay piece you can wear casually or at the party to feel foxy!

The material is comfy and thick to make it a great wear for colder days so you can look cute all through the year. The adjustable pompom drawstring and fox ears add to the foxy look.

Foxyco is an instant costume you can wear for the Halloween party. Forget about the uncomfortable dresses and costumes, put on a snuggly hoodie and you are ready for the party!

Why Foxyco is for you

Cuteness overflow- Styling Foxyco gets you all the compliments and glares. You’ll look as cute as ever, just like a pet fox!

Feel foxy- The thick and comfy design makes you wonder if you are wearing a real fox. When the weather is rough you can still feel foxy!

Cosplay made easy- No need to pamper yourself for the party when you can transform instantly putting you fox hoodie on!

Foxyco is the ultimate choice- Our hoodie is the perfect blend of comfort, cuteness and cosplay coolness!

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