Flymim-Ultra-Soft Sherpa Lined Joggers

Flymim-Ultra-Soft Sherpa Lined Joggers Posted: October 25, 2020

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Product Description

The sportiest winter sweatpants

Flymim are thick, flexible and warm, perfect for sporty activities during the cold period. Apart from being super practical, they come in various colors to match your wear!

You don’t have to choose between comfort and warmth when going out anymore, Flymim’s thick fluffy cotton retains the heat inside while keeping you comfy and cozy.

Flymim will fit you right in and provide you with all the freedom and warmth you’ll ever want. Whether you are looking to stay active or lazy around in the house for this winter, Flymim are right for you!

Why Flymim are for you

Full of freedom- Elastic, loose and fully flexible, Flymim keeps your legs cozy and free for you to move around in convenient comfort.

Stay sporty- Who said you have to stay at home just because it cold? You can continue practicing your favorite sports no matter the temperature!

The daily warmer- The thick fluffy cotton keeps the temperature high inside to give you a good sweaty workout even in the winter!

Flymim are the ultimate choice- Our sweatpants provide you with all the sporty freedom you need combined with thick warmth, perfect for the cold seasons!

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