Flowmas- Anti-Mosquito Pop-Up Mesh Tent

Flowmas- Anti-Mosquito Pop-Up Mesh Tent Posted: June 25, 2020

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Product Description

Flowmas is the ultimate anti-mosquito tent

Are you tired of the pesky bugs and mosquitos ruining your picnics? Flowmas offers a 360° mesh protection from every annoying critter.

The tent sets up in seconds, the side wires offer perfect stability from the wind. Air flows perfectly thought the mesh so you can breathe easily.

Flowmas is spacious enough to hold everyone for a fun family picnic. Enjoy a bug-free day out while still being close to nature.

What makes Flowmas so good

Superb outdoor comfort- The mesh net protects you at 360° from any pesky bugs. Now nothing can ruin your day out.

Perfect airflow- The protective mesh allows the breeze to slip in to keep it cool inside. The side wires keep is stable during windy days.

Instant set up- Simply throw it on the ground, Flowmas will unfold on its own. There is enough room to accommodate the whole family.

Why Flowmas is for you- This mesh tent offers the best protection from mosquitoes and bugs. Your picnics will become far more enjoyable with Flowmas.

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