Flockshine-Bird Window Hangings

Flockshine-Bird Window Hangings Posted: May 7, 2021

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Product Description

The cutest suncatchers you’ll see

Refresh your gloomy atmosphere with good vibes and vivid colors, Flockshine brings smiles and joy to every home it’s in! You can hang it as a suncatcher or use it for any decorative means you wish!

The rarest birds you see in the spring are sitting together waiting for a place to hang! Even the sunbeams turn into rainbows when they see Flockshine, just put them against a window and you’ll see.

You can hang them by the door to greet the guests, to let them catch the sun or keep their company all for yourself in your room, Flockshine can find a place in every home and heart!

Why Flockshine is for you

Welcome with a smile- Who wouldn’t feel welcomed by Flockshine’s sight, hang them by your door to greet every guest with a smile!

Surrounded by friends- Charge your home with happiness, the vibrant family of birds will always give you a reason to be happy!

Please your eyes- Experience the view of rainbows from your home, hang Flockshine by the window to bring in a rainbow on every sunny day!

Flockshineis is the ultimate choice- Enjoy the sunny days at home surrounded by twirling birds and vivid rainbows, Flyglow catches all the good vibes!

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