FlexPress-Resistance Band Training Kit

FlexPress-Resistance Band Training Kit Posted: October 14, 2021

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Product Description

The best way to build muscle at home

Take your home working to the next level using FlexPress, your portable bench press! Forget the gym, our band is all you need to buff up all your muscle groups!

You can create the optimal resistance for your level and build it up as you get stronger! Every day you can condition a different part of your body only with one piece of equipment!

You don’t have to waste time in the gym to get bigger, FlexPress is all you need to build a body you’ll be proud of! Bring the gym at home and start building a new you!

Why FlexPress is for you

Push your limits- Start building muscle from scratch or perfect physique, FlexPress will push your limits whatever your level is!

Speed up your strength- Make the best use out of your time exercising, resistance training is the fastest way to a strong body!

Bring the gym home- Exercise each of your muscle groups with just one band without having to leave your home!

FlexPress is the ultimate choice- Build your dream body from home with one exercise solution for all your muscle groups!

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