Flexifix-All-In-One Wrench Kit

Flexifix-All-In-One Wrench Kit Posted: December 3, 2020

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Product Description

The handyman’s favorite wrench

With Flexifix you are ready to twist and turn bolts even in the tightest spots. Our flexible wrench takes away the hard efforts needed to screw all bolts and nuts in hard to reach places.

Turn the head in a convenient direction and dive deep with ease! Flexifix performs best in demanding situations, sturdier than steel, it will serve you a lifetime!

When it gets close, the magnetized head attaches to the bolt and allows for 180° screwing direction. Flexifix makes the handy work easy, simple and effortless!

Why Flexifix is for you

Wrenching made easy- The head fits bolts and nuts like a magnet and allows for screwing in all directions so make the work easy as cake!

Reach the impossible- Using the flexible head you can dive right in and easily screw in the tightest places where work needs doing!

Stronger than steel- Made from reinforced aluminum and polished with chrome, Flexifix guarantees a lifetime of easy wrenching!

Flexifix is the ultimate choice- Equipped with Flexifix, no bolt or nut can hide from you! You will yourself from inconvenient screwing forever!

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