FlexFold-Oil Draining Funnel

FlexFold-Oil Draining Funnel Posted: December 10, 2020

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Product Description

The ultimate draining funnel

Cleaning spills after draining oils is never fun. FlexFold can bend and fold into the perfect funnel for any job to ensure draining fluids will never result in a mess.

Flexible and tough as hell, FlexFold is perfect for heavy-duty jobs and spaces. When fluids need draining or guiding, shape it into a suitable funnel and any job will be easy to achieve.

Cleanup after work is unneeded when FlexFold does the draining and filling. For a spotless workspace make use of the ultimate draining funnel and never clear an oil spill again!

Why FlexFold is for you

A funnel for everything- FlexFold bends easily to fit any scenario to guide out oil and fluids under the tightest of spots!

Stain-free drainage- In a guided path for the oil to follow you will never stain yourself of the car when changing oils and gasoline!

Lifetime of convenience- The flexible rubber is nearly indestructible and keeps its flexibility forever so you always have the right funnel for the job!

FlexFold is the ultimate choice- Draining the oil no longer will result in a mess. Reshape and reuse it a thousand times, FlexFold never gets old!

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