FlameWake-Dinosaur Robot Toy

FlameWake-Dinosaur Robot Toy Posted: December 7, 2020

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Product Description

Thultimate action toy

FlameWake comes from the forgotten depths of the world to retake its crown as the ultimate predator! With the body of a T-Rex and breath of a dragon, nothing can stand in its way! 

FlameWake’s muscular body is built for battle and adventure! When you let it lose it unleashes a red steamy breath just like flames of a dragon and moves around to seek new battles! 

It’s a ton of fun when the biggest and baddest predator is on your side during playtime! FlameWake brings dragons and dinosaurs together into the ultimate action toy!  

Why FlameWake is for you 

The ultimate predator- Menacing in size and armed to the teeth, FlameWake is the deadliest beast of the animal kingdom! 

Breath of a dragon- Fill it with water and FlameWake will burst out a destructive red mist just like the flames of a dragon! 

Ready for destruction- Once you turn it on FlameWake will walk, roar and leave nothing but destruction and carnage in its path! 

FlameWake is the ultimate choice- The fiercest predator in the world is here to entertain the kids and rampage over all the other toys! 

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