Flameir-Daisy Sandals

Flameir-Daisy Sandals Posted: August 12, 2021

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Product Description

The freshest pair for this summer

Give your feet a fresh, freeing feel for this summer with our gorgeous exotic slippers! Light, cute and minimalistic, Flameir bring out your feet’s full beauty in an elegant way!

The thin wraps are covered in delicate daisies to contrast beautifully with your tanned skin tone, giving you an exotic touch to match with your vacation destination!

Flameir are perfect for your long walks on the beach, their freeing design lets your feet experience the sunny weather and enjoy the windy breeze on the hotter days!

Why Flameir are for you

Bloom with beauty- Show your feet in a magnificent new way, give them a flowery wrap to highlight their excellence!

Become exotic- Give yourself a sexy exotic pair to go along your walks on the beach or the tropical places you pick for your next vacation!

Feel the summer- Open up your feet in a comfy and elegant way to enjoy the full warmth of the sun and gushing wind at your feet!

Flameir is the ultimate choice- Step out feeling free, gorgeous and comfy while enjoying your vacation out in the sands!

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