FijiFlip-Kids Spinner Toy

FijiFlip-Kids Spinner Toy Posted: March 23, 2021

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Product Description

The best way to keep your toddler busy

Sometimes you just can’t keep up with your playful toddler. Take a rest and let our vibrant fidget animals take away your kid into a realm of endless entertainment!

FijiFlip will easily keep their minds occupied and entertained while you wash them in the bathtub, feed them on the table or when you just need them to stay still for a while.

FijiFlip is safe for chewing and can stick onto any smooth surface. Spinning the brightly colored wings never gets boring and will always bring a smile to your curious little children!

Why FijiFlip is for you

Endless entertainment- The cute animals and vibrant colors turn the spinning game into an engaging exercise for their coordination and awareness!

Reward their curiosity- Help your kids exert their energy in a safe and fun way! Let them play on for hours without having to watch over them.

Never stop smiling- Easily stick FijiFlip onto walls, floors and furniture to keep their attention occupied anywhere you go!

FijiFlip is the ultimate choice- Charming, safe and fully interactive, FijiFlips are the perfect toys for keeping your curious toddler busy, entertained and in one place!

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