FabiForms-Pastry Tamper Kit

FabiForms-Pastry Tamper Kit Posted: March 16, 2021

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Product Description

The #1 maker of delicious treats

Want your desserts to stand out from the rest? With FabiForms you can create desserts never seen before! Using our kit you can turn the plain dough into marvelous shells!

The whole process takes a minute, simply cut, press, bake and your shell is ready to be filled with goodies! No matter what you decide to put on, your desserts will always be the prettiest!

Enjoy your time creating food art without having to learn anything new. FabiForms is the only help you need to make your desserts professional, beautiful and delicious!

Why FabiForms is for you

Lick your fingers off- Taste is not all about ingredients! Try our marvelous cutters to make your treats irresistibly beautiful!

Done in a jiffy- No need to spend all day wrestling with dough. Follow the simple steps to make the next dessert in record timing!!

Create real food art- Easily press the dough into beautiful shells and fill with all manner of goodies to make dessert time always special!

FabiForms is the ultimate choice- Open up new ways of reaching the hearts and stomachs of your friends, use FabiForms to make every dessert special!!

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