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Make your nails shinier than the stars

Searching for a new fab way of highlighting your nails? Easily achieve a salon-like nail style in just a few easy steps from home with our glamours mosaic transfer foils!

Make your pick what sparkling style you want and just press it on your polished nail to achieve an instant shiny look! It’s better, cheaper and shinier than anything a salon can do!

Fabfoil gives you instant results that keep their sparklines for no less than 4 weeks. Enjoy an endless variety of simple styling options, take your nail art from fine to fab with Fabfoil!

Why Fabfoil is for you

Instant glamour- Achieve a magnificent mosaic style in an instant, just press Fabfoil on your polished nails to fill them with glamour!

Exclusive beauty- Take your nail art to the next level, create stunning holographic designs that last throughout the whole month!

Never look the same- Having a unique look is now a matter of choice, style your nails with endless sparkling patterns in all your favorite colors!

Fabfoil is the ultimate choice- Give yourself a lasting, sparkling look you won’t find at the salon, Fabfoil makes nail art easy for everyone!

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