EyeShine-Eye Liner Kit

EyeShine-Eye Liner Kit Posted: June 18, 2021

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Product Description

Take your eye style to a whole new level

EyeShine is a cosmetic tool that stylists can’t live without! It takes your eye look to new heights and helps you get an even cut crease finish every time without a problem!

The kit has enough stampers to easily adjust to your eye shape and makeup needs to give you a seamless and simple experience at the mirror no matter your skill level!

You can reuse them as much as you like to get that doll-eyed deep look every time you want their eyes on yours! Charge your gaze with depth, power and confidence with your new eye look!

Why EyeShine is for you

Sharpen your gaze- Achieve a smokey tone you’ve never seen before, create an irresistible cut crease style in just a few simple steps,

Grab all the attention- Drawn everyone in with a deeper and wider eye look that will leave everyone wanting for more of your eye contact!

Become irresistible- You don’t need to be an artist to make them even every time, EyeShine gives you the precision you need to look perfect!

EyeShine is the ultimate choice- You can stop struggling at the mirror and enjoy a far easier way of applying your eye makeup with EyeShine!

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