Evershine- Jewelry Storage Organizer

Evershine- Jewelry Storage Organizer Posted: June 26, 2021

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Product Description

The perfect way to store your jewelry collection

Evershine is a great choice for people with too much jewelry and not enough space! Our transparent box can preserve, organize and display your entire collection with room to spare!

You can fit a trinket in all of the 240 pockets to not only organize but also display their beauty and easily find your best match for the night without having to dig through them!

Unlike the jewelry box, Evershine will never clutter your trinkets and keep them away from air, dust or any other hindrance that might damage them throughout the years!

Why Evershine is for you

Timeless preservation- Don’t let time take away your jewelry’s beauty, store them in the vacuumed pockets to preserve them forever!

Transparent organization- Tired of cluttering your jewel box, try out a more transparent and clean way of storing all your precious trinkets!

Easy to choose- Having trouble finding your favorite earrings, Evershine puts your collection on full display to let you easily find your pick for the night!

Evershine is the ultimate choice- Preserve, organize and display your jewelry all at once with our timeless transparent jewel capsule!

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