ErgoWedge – Women’s Arla Primrose Sandal

ErgoWedge – Women’s Arla Primrose Sandal Posted: September 19, 2021

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Product Description

Walk with style and comfort

Enjoy hour-long walks without suffering from discomfort by wearing our cushioned ErgoWedge sandals. With its stylish bow design, the Ergowedge boasts an athletic yet feminine look, making them perfect to use during any activity.

Feel limitless when wearing the Ergowedge! Their rugged outer sole gives you the freedom to tackle almost any type of terrain. Plus, they give you outstanding ankle support and comfort with each step that you take.

Why ErgoWedge is for you

Ergonomic sole – The ErgoWedge provides you with support in all the right places so that you always feel like you’re walking on the clouds.

Adjustable straps – Ensures a cozy fit each time you strap them on your feet. Making  sure you have the support you need without suffocating your feet

All-around wear – Whether you’re walking at the park or strolling through the market, the Ergowedge sandals are the perfect pair to wear.

Durable wedge – Their thick and sturdy wedge heels give you added height and outstanding balance when walking.

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