Ergoslim-Adjustable Headrest

Ergoslim-Adjustable Headrest Posted: August 13, 2021

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Product Description

End your discomfort on the road

Sitting for hours in the car can fatigue your neck and cause painful problems for your spine. Ergoslim creates the support your neck needs to stay protected and comfy on the road!

Ergoslim’s ergonomic side pillows lets you lay your head comfortably on the side while keeping you in a healthy position and negating the sharp turns and bumpy roads

Ergoslim creates the perfect position to sleep in, you won’t have to stay awake anymore! Enjoy every ride as a passenger, set up Ergoslim to get the comfort your neck deserves!

Why Ergoslim is for you

Get some real sleep- You don’t need to stay up through the whole drive, sink your head in Ergoslim’s soft foam to get some quality sleep!

Save your spine- Protect your spine from unforeseen consequences, bring proper support to your neck while resting on your car!

Like napping at home- Eliminate the tension caused by sharp turns and bumpy roads to ride comfortably through the rough terrain!

Ergoslim is the ultimate choice- Help your head stay comfy and your neck supported while resting in your car and you’ll never feel fatigued after a long drive!

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