Enchand-Scratch Painting Kits

Enchand-Scratch Painting Kits Posted: September 15, 2020

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Product Description

You’ve never tried painting like this

We’ve made a unique art set for your young creators! Our magic papers introduce you to the world of reverse painting where you find the colors inside the paper.

Start scratching away the layer and more and more colors will be revealed! Your kids can enjoy endless vivid drawings without the use of paints or pencils to relive you from cleaning any messes after.

Your head will spin from the endless decorative options Enchand can be used for. Scratch, create and entertain yourself for hours, painting in reverse never gets old!

Why Enchand is for you

Infinite ways to play- Grab a wooden stylus and paint away in a reverse way. The possibilities are endless, just like your kid’s imagination!

Wholesome fun- Enchand will put a smile on even the grumpiest adult! Entertain yourself and the kids with endless creative ideas to scratch on.

Drawing without paint- The rainbow colors are hidden behind the dark layer. Unleash your kid’s creativeness without having to clean any messes after.

Enchand is the ultimate choice- You don’t need messy paints to draw with the rainbow! Paint the most vivid drawings using only your fingers!

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