Eagletron-1080 HD Drone

Eagletron-1080 HD Drone Posted: December 18, 2020

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Product Description

Capture the views only birds get to experience

Eagletron brings the innovative high-flying tech from your palms to the sky! Combining the best of what technology has to offer, we bring you a drone for all your professional and casual needs!

Take to the sky and enjoy your time flying using the responsive controls. Connect your phone and your screen will transmit the view it and every other bird sees every day!

The sky-high shots are now within your reach, using the HD camera you can take the most breathtaking aerial shots and bring them down to Earth for everyone to enjoy!

If you are looking for an aerial adventure, Eagletron is always ready to take off and do some ace flying with your help. The sky is no longer an obstacle for your filming potential!

Why Eagletron is for you

An eye in the sky- The eagle’s eyes are yours to command! Connect Eagletron to your phone and watch the view only birds get to see!

Mesmerize your audience- With a full aerial view of the scene, you will be able to create breathtaking recordings, shot in full HD.

Don’t miss a frame- Eagletron keeps the recordings smooth even when moving to create the clearest dynamic shots you’ve seen!

High-flying action- The tight remote controls give you the power to traverse easily through obstacles for ace piloting action!

Eagletron is the ultimate choice- Take control of the air to make incredible videos or just for high-flying adventures, the choice is yours!

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