DustUp-Multi-Functional Duster

DustUp-Multi-Functional Duster Posted: March 25, 2021

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Product Description

The easiest way to clean your blinds

Dusting the blinds and shutters around your home is a slow and tiresome chore. Our seven-finger solution makes dusting off the hidden spots in your home the simplest job in the world!

DustUp is a magnet for filth, with the seven dusters you can clean the blinds from all sides in an efficient and delicate manner, ensuring there won’t be any need for a second cleaning!

Bring back the fresh look of your windows without spending countless hours cleaning one slit at a time. Leave it to DustUp to bring your home in order in the swiftest fashion!

Why DustUp is for you

Destroy the dust- Eradicate all the dust bunnies from your home, reach the hidden spots of the slits and clean them with one swift sweep!

Clear the view- Invite all the sunshine through the blinds, dust them off to bring back the clear view from your windows!

Sweeped in seconds- Cleaning the delicate slits is no longer time-consuming, clean them from top to bottom in less than a minute!

DustUp is the ultimate choice- Start sweeping with a smile, clean the shutters and blinds around your home seven times faster than before!

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