Dusmac – Retractable Microfiber Extendable Long Duster

Dusmac – Retractable Microfiber Extendable Long Duster Posted: June 11, 2020

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Product Description

Dust off every corner of your house with Dusmac

This extendable duster is the tool you need for a tidy house. The microfibers clean with excellence and can dust off every part of your home.

The telescopic rod can help you reach even the highest of places. The head bends neatly to reach every hidden corner.

You can wash it and reuse it for years. Dusmac reaches anywhere so you can clean faster than ever before.

What makes Dusmac so good

Gentle and effective cleaning- The microfibers dust even the most delicate objects without damaging them to keep everything fresh.

Reach every spot- The extendable rod reaches the highest of places. Bend the head to dust off with ease.

Dusting forever- Throw it into the washer when it gets dirty. Dusmac doesn’t lose its durability. It will clean your house forever.

Why Dusmac is for you- You don’t need ladders or chemicals to get the house back in order. Dusmac can reach anywhere and clan with efficiency.

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