Dreamglam-Triple Moon Dream Catcher

Dreamglam-Triple Moon Dream Catcher Posted: September 11, 2021

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Product Description

Free your dreams of nightmares

Dreamglam is a spiritual shield and an opulent decorative piece for your wall! Hand-made and ornamented with spiritual symbols, it’s a great choice for a talisman for your bedroom!

As you sleep Dreamglam will catch the bad dreams coming your way so you can rest in peace! When you are awake you can enjoy the Bohemian vibe coloring your walls!

We’ve carefully crafted this dream catcher not only to satisfy your decorative needs but to help your home stay free of evil spirits! Nothing will stop you from getting a good night’s rest anymore!

Why Dreamglam is for you

Enchant your surroundings- Symbolizing the moon’s three cycles, Dreamglam’s opulent aura sets a Behemin vibe all around the room!

Protect your dreams- Free yourself of nightmares once and for all, let Dreamglam protect you from the evil spirits while you sleep!

Calm your senses- All worries disappear when you focus on the positive, there’s always a reason to smile when Dreamglam is near you!

Dreamglam is the ultimate choice- Enrich your home with a tranquil vibe and a protective aura with a simple decorative art piece!

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