DrawDash-Magic Tracing Book

DrawDash-Magic Tracing Book Posted: March 17, 2021

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Product Description

The ultimate homeschooling practice books

DrawDash makes homeschooling fun for everyone! Our educational practice books can help your kids master their handwriting abilities while entertaining them with their wacky colors!

The tasks are simple and fun to do, perfect for teaching preschoolers letters and numbers. They are so engaging, filling them feels like a game instead of a chore!

The ink fades from the pages, allowing your kids to play every day until they’ve mastered their handwriting! When learning is a fun activity everyone will enjoy playing!

Why DrawDash is for you

Learn on your own- Following the outlined spaces your children can practice writing down numbers and letters all on their own!

Master your handwriting- The ink from the magic pen fades so your kids can go through it until they’ve mastered writing every symbol!

Homeschool with a smile- DrawDash turns learning into a fun drawing activity to prepare your kids for first grade without any tears!

DrawDash is the ultimate choice- Your kids will start practicing on their own once they see how fun handwriting can be!

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