Dinobub-Dinosaur Bubble Toy

Dinobub-Dinosaur Bubble Toy Posted: September 8, 2021

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Product Description

A bubbly bonanza awaits you

Dinobub is the center of the party and the perfect gift for your young boy! Serving as a bubble machine, a DJ and a disco ball all in one cute dinosaur, he makes everything more fun!

Some dinosaurs breathe fire Dinobub, on the other hand, lets out shiny bubbles for you to pop! As you do so you can jam to the music and disco show he creates!

Dinobub is no slack, he knows how to move around and create an entertaining atmosphere for everyone! Bring your kids a real bubbly adventure they engage in every day!

Why Dinobub is for you

A prehistoric buddy- Go back to when dinosaurs ruled the world and begin your Jurassic adventure with the mightiest dinosaur from that time!

Take over the playground- Turn the playground into a dynamic disco, watch as Dinobub fills the atmosphere with fun vibes!

Interactive adventures- Want to have some fun, turn Dinobub on and engage in your colorful bubble-popping adventure!

Dinobub is the ultimate choice- Get ready for an awesome day in the park, prep your Dinobub to make the bubbles rain and smiles fly!

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