Dicsol- Comics & Japan Manga Dip Pen

Dicsol- Comics & Japan Manga Dip Pen Posted: August 19, 2020

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Product Description

Draw your finest manga masterpiece

Dicsol is a dip pen made with flawless precision and intricate craftsmanship to put your drawings to life. If you are starting out or looking to improve then you’ll need our pen!

Dicsol is specifically made for artists looking to draw manga in its greatest details! We’ve made it easy, you just have to dip it in ink and the drawing begins.

With the right nib, your passion for drawing will get to the next level of beauty! Unleash your creativity into the canvas in its fullest detail by using the favorite dip pen for all.

Why Dicsol is for you

Express in detail- Dicsol’s allows for precise details to be drawn to make your comic turn to life! The finest of details are one dip pen away!

Ignite your canvas- Turn your intricate imagination into a manga masterpiece! With our fine nibs, your drawings will look masterfully crafted.

From passion to profession- Whether drawing manga is a hobby or your profession Dicsol will guide your wrist to stunning results!

Dicsol is the ultimate choice- Your imagination can come to life! When you hold Dicsol, you will draw with finesse and craft the most detailed of manga!

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