Dhyanos-Tibetan Singing Bowl

Dhyanos-Tibetan Singing Bowl Posted: November 28, 2020

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Product Description

The ancient stress relieving tool of the east

When your mind is out of balance it’s hard to be at peace. Fortunately, the ancient east has made a tool that can relieve your mind from the negative energy that is holding you down.

Dhyanos’ soothing sounds empty the mind to leave you in a peaceful state where no worry can exist. Roll the wooden mallet around it to create the melodies still used in Zen practices.

A blissful state is not far away when the Zen melodies are comforting your soul. When you wish to empty the mind from stressful thoughts use the ancient solution of the east has created!

Why Dhyanos is for you

Awaken the senses- Tuned with the melodies that can touch the soul, Dhyanos puts you into the present moment to let you get in touch with your suppressed senses!

Heal your soul- Stress, pain, anxiety, all fade away in the presence of the Zen melodies Dhyanos creates. Nothing but peace awaits!

Tranquility awaits- Each of the soothing sounds brings you closer to a tranquil state where your body and soul can relax fully!

Dhyanos is the ultimate choice- If peace of mind is what you are after Dhyanos brings the ancient ways of tranquility into your palms!

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